Aircraft Covers that protect and preserve  Protect your investment from sun, rain, ice and birds.

Aircraft Covers

Measuring service at your airfield

If we don't already have a template for your aircraft type, measurements and template fitting will be provided at your airfield. This ensures a perfect ‘glove like’ fit and accurate positioning of any surface protrusion pockets.

We take pride in producing the highest quality weatherproof covers, that fit perfectly to the shape of your aircraft, so they look great as well as protecting it from the elements.

Aircraft Covers

Fitting of the finished covers

Subject to your location, we can deliver and fit the completed covers at your airfield, saving you time making a special trip just to fit the covers.

All our covers are checked for production quality and fitting accuracy against the templates prior to delivery.

In the unlikely event the cover doesn't fit perfectly, it will  be corrected to your satisfaction.

Aircraft Covers

After sales service

Repairs due to normal wear and tear are free of charge for two years under warranty (shipping cost excluded).

Modifications to your exisitng covers can be provided to accommodate newly fitted antennas and other added protrusions ​at a competitive rate. 

Support and advice on maintaining your covers is always available from Dave's Custom Covers.